Ace the job interview: discover your hidden strengths and
develop interviewing skills to stand out from other candidates


In an extremely competitive job market, interviewing well is more critical than ever. Our mission at Jump Start the Job Search is to help recent college grads as well as individuals in transition maximize their potential as job candidates by sharpening their interviewing skills.

It's not enough to know you are qualified, you need to convince the interviewer you are qualified for the position you seek. And that's where Jump Start the Job Search can help you differentiate yourself from the competition. In one-on-one sessions, we arm our clients with insights, tips and techniques that other candidates lack.

Your Interviewing Experts:


Recruiting pro Sari Klein and career coach Megan Walls draw on years of experience working with big and small corporations and job seekers in every field to give you insider tips and techniques to better job interviews. They share secrets about how hiring managers think, help you prepare for interviews, and help you learn how to answer tough questions.

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